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WTO Dispute May Force a Cange to U.S. Regulation of Internet Gaming

Earlier this week, Newsweek magazine published an article that states that it will be beneficial for the United States to regulate Internet gaming in order to resolve a World Trade Organization trade agreement violation and prevent facing billions of dollars in export sanctions by other nations. The article, “The Fight Over Online Casinos,” declares that if the United States does not resolve this issue other countries may take a decisoion to allow the sale of billions of dollars of pirated movies, computer software and music without paying the copyright owners sitting in the U.S.
The World Trade Organization's ruling in March of 2007, over a dispute filed by the island nations of Antigua and Barbuda, found that the U.S. unfairly prevents foreign Internet casino operators from accessing the U.S. market, while allowing domestic internet companies to accept online bets legally. Withdrawing commitments from the WTO, as the U.S. proposes in relation to Internet gambling, would be unique in the organization’s history and could be extremely damaging to its international credibility.

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