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Online Progressive Jackpot Winner Just Shy Of a New Jackpots Record


Sands online Casino, home to some of the largest online progressive jackpots in the history of online gaming, has helped another lucky member turn their "Rags to Riches" with another online progressive jackpots payout of $404,273, just $10,000 shy of the previous record of $414, 119.22! The newest online progressive jackpots winner, Karen from Virginia, won on Sands Casino's popular Rags To Riches progressive video slot machine. Due to its high level of popularity among this online casino's, Rags To Riches, online progressive jackpots, is highly loaded in the players favor and continues to always have high jackpots. The video slot machine is a online progressive jackpots machine with three animated theme screens.

This online progressive jackpots game, With record-breaking payouts, as well as the most recent payout of $404,273, the Rags To Riches machine has become one of the best machines for online guests to play. A new online progressive jackpots could be hit any minute!

"Sands online casino has had a good history of online progressive jackpots wins. In addition to the most recent jackpot win of $404,273, other lucky members have walked away with online progressive jackpots wins of over $414,000, and $152,000," said Steve Blair, long time pit boss for Sands Casino. "The odds for another jackpot win are definitely stacked in our players favor."

With all this talk about crowning a new online progressive jackpots winner, the Sands online Casino will be offering their online guests more and more incentives and special bonus to turn their Rags to Riches and join past online progressive jackpots winners in the Millionaires Club. Sands online Casino will be offering 20% cash back for all play on Rags To Riches and Millionaires Club during the month of September.

"These games are truly remarkable," said Steve Blair, longtime pit boss for the Sands online Casino. "These games are unquestionably one of the most popular online progressive jackpots games ever, online or bricks and mortar."

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