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Casino Tropez Gets a New Look!  1.29.2006

Just in time for the New Year, Online Casino Tropez has been redesigned with a sleek new look. The sleek new graphics and sound effects generate an amazing combination that makes casino players not want to leave. An inside online casino tropez source claimed  that "the numbers are showing the players response to be an enthusiastically positive one".

If you haven't seen the new online casino site, you are invited for hours of  entertainment all you have to do is to take a look at:

The new version of  Online Casino Tropez offers the same great features that players know and love, including:

  • Cutting-edge Playtech software.
  • 70+ games and exciting promotions.
  • Multiple currencies.
  • Both “Real” and “Fun” player modes.
  • Loyalty bonuses.
  • Quick and easy payouts.
  • 24/7 support...and MORE!

This online casino is a must see



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